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About Debbi

Here are 3 important traits and my take on them:

Organization: Absolutely necessary for any project to be successful. I once worked for a team whose owner was a bit scattered. The first thing I did was step in and help her organize processes and procedures to improve the outcome of her projects.

Communications: I believe in good communication. I will ask questions until I fully understand the task at hand and I will follow up with team members to see if they have questions or concerns. A recent client of mine spoke of how happy she was that she brought me on board because of my clear communication in organizing her online summit. Since it was something she hadn’t done before, she appreciated my emails with updates, questions or concerns.

Big Picture Thinking: Because of my experience over the past 15+ years, I can usually see the big picture. Meaning, if we need to launch a new product and promote it via Facebook Ads, I know that we need to take steps A-Z to make sure it’s done correctly. You tell me we will be having an online summit on December 15th and I can ‘see’ the steps in my mind that we will need to follow to get it done right!

Debbi Sherman has been working as a Graphic & Website Design Consultant and Project Manager with Mozak Design, LLC for more than three years. She began her employment handling small design tasks but I quickly realized her ability to step in, see what need to be done, and deliver.At this time Debbi works with me to understand the client’s needs, creates a design that meets those needs, oversees the creation of her design in physical form and then trains the client on the new product.

She is a bright, fun and dependable person. She is a joy to work with and my customers love her as well. She always gives 110% and is eager to try and learn new things.

Debbi would be an amazing asset to any team. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

~Jocelyn Mozak,

I’ve worked with Debbi across three different organizations and each experience is more exceptional than the last.

Is it any wonder when I have a client in need of cutting-edge design, great ideas or with a technical emergency, I call Debbi.

Plain and simple? She ROCKS!

~Ericka Pardun,

I wanted a professional looking website design for my new pet services business and I tried to mess around with some template programs but never got the feel I wanted.

I decided to get some professional help. Cimmeron Studios provided me with a look and feel I was extremely pleased with. The correspondence and service was prompt and friendly. I received a website that was beyond my expectations and better that what I imagined in my head.

~Kevin Case, Wag and Wash

I used Cimmeron Studios as my hosting provider because of their good prices and prompt replies. Deb has always been very helpful in answering my questions and request for changes have always happened fast. She also didn’t hesitate to help with some template questions I had.

It’s for this reason that I decided to use Deb again for a second website.


Debbi Cunnington created the website for Intermountain Search Dogs (501C3 non-profit) in 2015. Her work is amazing.

She is efficient, and has a natural ability to focus on the heartbeat of our organization. Our team is so grateful for her work that offers a professional and current approach for web design.

~Intermountain Search Dogs,

I asked Debbi to create a header for me for my blog and she did a fabulous job; I’m so pleased with it. I told her some basics of what I was after, particularly in terms of colors, but wasn’t too sure about the style.

She took what I told her and came up with three great designs for me to choose from – one of which was perfect. She turned all this around in less than a week and even uploaded my new header onto my blog for me. I’ll definitely use Debbi again and now have a great referral source for my clients. Thank you Debbi!

~Tracey Lawton,

1. Excellence response time. 2. Good communications. 3. A job well done. …I was happy with your performance and would use you again.
~Ed Levine

captureDebbi, You are a joy to work with. You always deliver and always on time!

Thank you for everything you do for me.

~Betty Russell, BCC,

Debbi is the graphics and coding angel I have been looking for. She’s brilliant, creative and never lets me down.

I’m her number 1 fan!
~Sandra DeFritas,

I have had the pleasure of both working with Debbi on a couple of virtual teams AND having her re-design my website.

Debbi is very detailed about her web design work and knows her stuff. She is very open about giving ideas and completing the work based on what the client wants.

I have worked with clients that have also worked with Debbi and they have always had good things to say about her work. If someone is needing a new website or needs their existing website re-designed, I would definitely recommend Debbi.

~Missy Tinchter, My Miss Assist

With no background in graphic design myself, I turned to Debbi when a client was in need of a header and graphics for a newsletter template.

I passed on the basic idea of what the client was looking for and Debbi used this to produce beautiful graphics. Her designs far exceeded my client’s expectations and she was absolutely thrilled with the results. Not only were Debbi’s designs fantastic, but she was able to create them on short notice, completing the entire project in a matter of hours! I will definitely be using Debbi’s services again and am pleased to have a referral for my clients as well.

~Jennifer Jacobs, Superior Collaborations

Debbi has been an integral part of my team for several years now. I know that I can count on her to get the job done and in an exceptional manner. She is honest and never shies away from giving me advice that can help make things better.

She truly is one of my most valuable team members.

~Tracey Osborne,